toms Sko On July 29, an aircraft wing part, called a flaperon,toms Sko was discovered on the shores of the French governed La Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.
toms Sko A probable scenario I explained on Fox News (below) is that the flaperon was attached to the Boeing toms Sko 777-200ER airliner (Registration Number 9M-MRO) at the bottom of the southern Indian Ocean for some time before it was broken off and pulled to toms Sko La Réunion’s shore by the oceanic currents.
toms Sko That would mean in the last moments of flight MH370 the Boeing 777-200ER airliner toms Sko probably would have “glided down” atop the ocean surface to a floating rest — as a result of the airliner exhausting its fuel in a probable “one-then-the-last” engine flameout —toms Sko only the actual missing black-box recorders could confirm.
toms Sko In other words, the massive Boeing 777 airliner entered the ocean gently.toms Sko That means the airliner was flying near horizontal, as it exhausted its fuel and slowly spiraling down in its last engine flameout.
toms Sko Putting this another way, the jet perhaps spiraled slowly somewhat out of control into the southern Indian Ocean,toms Sko as each of the plane’s engines would shutdown upon exhausting their fuel supply “one after the other.”
toms Sko At this instance, the airliner was probably gliding and not moving extremely fast in order for the aircraft hull to stay intact.toms Sko Else we would see so much more MH370 drift debris washing ashore by now!
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