toms Sko billig “It (the flaperon) was only slightly damaged and was just encrusted with barnacles.toms Sko billig Its appearance indicates that it was not violently torn off from the aircraft’s main body…it does seem that it got detached pretty nicely at its edges,”toms Sko billig Zaaim Redha explains.
“If MH370 had crashed with a really hard impact,toms Sko billig we would have seen small pieces of debris floating on the sea immediately after that. Furthermore,toms Sko billig the flaperon that was recovered (from La Réunion Island) wouldn’t have been in one piece…we would have only seen bits and pieces of it,”toms Sko billig he said.
toms Sko billig “It’s possible that the (MH370) aircraft may have been submerged deep inside the ocean for toms Sko billig quite some time before the flaperon (a part of the plane’s wing) got detached itself,” Redha adds.
“Similarly, other parts would also toms Sko billig become detached and float with the help of the strong water current, before being washed up on the shores of islands like La Réunion,”toms Sko billig he said.
toms Sko billig Meanwhile, Jean Paul Troadec — former head of the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA),toms Sko billig France’s counterpart to the National Transportation Safety Board — who led the BEA during the investigation into the crash of toms Sko billig Air France Flight 447 — said on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, experts will try to determine three things.
“If there is a reference number on the debris,toms Sko billig a correlation can be made immediately,” Troadec explained to NBC News. He added “experts also will be looking at toms Sko billig the length of time the fragment has been in the ocean.”
toms Sko billig “The seashells or barnacles will play an important role in determining how long this piece of plane has been submerged underwater,”toms Sko billig Troadec said. “Seashells grow at a certain rhythm and depending on their size can tell investigators toms Sko billig if they have been breeding 12 months or 2 years.”
toms Sko billig “The investigators in France would also be on the lookout for other organisms such as tube worms,toms Sko billig coralline red algae or shellfish that could also provide clues,” according to The Associated Press.
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